Wednesday, December 13, 2017

3 ways Should be followed for Seeding of Aadhaar and Mobile Numbers in Finacle

The following 3 way Strategy for Seeding of Aadhaar and Mobile Numbers in Finacle :

1. Suspension of CIFs of Closed Accounts : It is well known to all that we are having CIFs relating to each and every type of account in System and the officewise details of total number of CIFs are also shown on newly introduced portal. In this Total Figure CIFs of already closed Accounts are also showing as they have not been Suspended on the time of closure of the Account. Hence the Competent Authority has directed to identify and ensure Suspension of these CIFs in Finacle by this week Positively.

2. Merger of CIFs and Suspension of Merged CIFs - It is also known to all that in our post offices We are having customers with multiple Accounts and most of the customers are having Multiple RD,MIS and TD Accounts through MPKBY and SAS Agents. The Competent Authority has directed to ensure meeting with all agents and to ask them to provide list of Such Multiple account being operated through them. This list can easily be generated through AGENT PORTAL by importing Customer wise data in Excel format.

We have to Merge these Multiple CIFs and also to ensure Suspension of Merged CIFs in Finacle and we may also adopt this Strategy for Counter Customers who are regularly doing Transactions at counters.

3. Seeding of Aadhaar and Mobile Numbers in Merged CIFs - Accordingly we may also request MPKBY and SAS agents to provide AADHAR NUMBER AND MOBILE NUMBER of these bulk customers whom they are contacting on monthly basis for collection of RD Instalment.

The Competent authority has directed that this 3 way working Strategy would raise our AADHAAR AND MOBILE NUMBER SEEDING percentage at once and also remove discrepancies from our data.

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