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Agendas of Phulbani Division, which needs to be taken at RO/CO level.

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Agendas of Phulbani Division, which needs to be taken at RO/CO level.
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AIPEU-Gr. C Phulbani-762 001 <>Wed, May 3, 2017 at 10:49 PM
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Com. Bruhaspati Samal
Circle Secretary
AIPEU Gr C, Odisha
Ashok Nagar MDG, Bhubaneswar

No-PHI/AIPEU Gr C/02/2016-17 dated the 03rd May 2017.

Sub- Agendas of Phulbani Division which needs to be taken with RO/CO administration. 

Dear Comrade
The following agendas are submitted herewith for taking up the same with the PMG, Berhampur.
1. Replacement of UPS batteries:-
As you are aware that this is a long pending unsettled issue, so requested to take necessary steps to resolve the issue..This union also raised a complain as an organisation in the PG portal vide registration number PMOPG/E/2017/0223233. The reply was as below:-
“The grievance has been examined by the by the PMG, Berhmapur Region and as reported by him the UPS batteries of 19 important Offices have been replaced during the year 2016-17 keeping in view on the availability of funds. Proposal for replacement of batteries in respect of other needy offices of Phulbani Divn. is under active process and action will be taken on them on the availability of fund. Hence, the case may be closed.”
So now you are requested to take up the case at appropriate level for further necessary action.  
2. Duplicate Checking and counting machine:-
Now-a-days duplicate notes very common and it is impossible for working class people to check each and every note for genuineness. Also during demonetization lot of our employees paid from pocket for the same.  Hence Indent for the same from Phulbani DO to Berhampur RO has been submitted since long and also reminded vide letter number-J/G-53 dated 30.05.2016 but no action has been taken for the same till date. 

3. Dequarterisation of Baunsuni SO-
This is a long pending case, so most priority should be given. Also query of RO has been replied vide DO letter no-D-07/Ch-I dated 24.11.2015 but no action from RO till date.

4. NSP2 Issues-
11 offices (which are already migrated to CBS) there is no provision for NSP2. And where NSP2 is there it is not working. As per agreement the NSP2 should provide half of the speed of NSP1. But in no case the same is happening, though feasibility is there (like Airtel 3G). Also the DO, Phulbani has written the same to RO/CO but no reply of the same is received to DO. Also RO is reminded of the same on 2010.2015, 29.10.2015, 30.05.2016, 23.08.2016. But still no action has been taken.

5. Providing Air-Coolers to offices of Phulbani Division-
This was one of our items from 2015 but two summers have been passed we have not received the same though indent of the same has been submitted by DO, Phulbani to RO, Berhampur and also reminded vide letter number-J/G-51 dated 28.04.2016. But no reply from the RO Berhampur is received. Please take necessary actions in this regard.

6. Supply of Water Purifier to Phulbani HO & G Udayagiri LSG SO
Indent from DO, Phulbani has been submitted, also reminded vide letter number J-G-24 dated 08/10/08/2016. But no reply from RO, Berhampur.

7. Supply of 4-Port SIC Cards to B Class SOs.
4-Port SIC cards are highly required because as per M/s Sify if unmanaged switch will be there between the router and the nodes then the bandwidth will decrease. The indent for the same has been submitted to RO Berhampur, also reminded on 30.05.2016, 14.07.2016 & 23.08.2016. But no action from RO end. 

8. Supply of Air Conditioner to Servers of Boudhraj MDG, Balliguda LSG SO & G Udayagiri LSG SO-
Though it was intimated by RO Berhampur to the circle union that the same will be done. But the same has not been done. 

Comrade it is requested to take up the cases with high importance for early settlement.

Comradely yours
Rabinarayan Choudhury
Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C
Phulbani divisional branch
Phulbani, Odisha-762 001
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Circle Union protests the proposed reorganization of Postal Divisions in Odisha Circle

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 03 – 05 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 3rd May, 2017
Dr. Santosh Ku. Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub : Re-organization of Postal Divisions in Odisha Circle - Regarding.

Respected Sir,
It has come to the notice of this Circle Union that a proposal is under consideration by Circle administration for reorganization of Postal Divisions in Odisha.

We welcome this step of the Circle administration for creation of two more Divisions since after re-organization of districts in Odisha from 13 to 30 during 1993, no re-organization of postal divisions has yet been carried out for last 24 years.  

But we do regret that while such a historic decision involving staff interest is going to be taken with reshuffling of large number of staff members / post offices from one area to other, the Staff Side has been ignored in the proposed review committees.

Further, we observe the following deficiencies in the proposal and register our strong protest.

1.    A similar proposal was earlier initiated few years back to bifurcate Jahrsuguda district from Samablpur Division  which was protested and the proposal was dropped since Jharsuguda is nearer to Sambalpur, rather than Sundergarh.

2.    As proposed, Aska Division is going to lose its identity due to proposed reorganization of  Berhampur division. In this context, we would like to intimate that during reorganization of 13 districts of Odisha to 30, the original districts had not lost their identities. While we welcome creation of more Divisions, we strongly oppose abolition of Aska or any other Division during the proposed reorganization.

3.    While two Divisions in the name of Rourkela City and Raygada have been proposed to be created, merger of Aska Division with Berhampur will actually increase the Division strength in Odisha to one only.

4.    If entire Khurda District is merged with Bhubaneswar Division as proposed, the employees of Balugaon, Chilika, Parikuda etc will definitely suffer. Similar will be the fate of the employees of Bhubaneswar Division if entire Puri District along with Nayagarh forms Puri Division since Pipli, Rench and Nimapara area etc. are nearer to Bhubaneswar.

Here, we would like to recall the discussions made with us by the Shri B V Sudhakar, Ex-Secretary (Posts) on 03.03.2017 during his visit to Odisha. While discussing the local issues including issues arising out of Cadre Restructuring in the kind presence of the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle and DPS (HQ Region, Bhubaneswar), Shri B V Sudhakar Sir had suggested that for every important decision involving staff interests that will be taken by the Circle administration, the Staff Side should always be taken into confidence with their suggestion.
But we witness strong avoidance to the Staff Side in the instant case.

Therefore, while we strongly protest this unilateral activity of the administration, we would like to request you to arrange involvement of all the Circle Secretaries and respective Divisional Secretaries in the proposed committees for a meaningful discussion before any decision is taken in this regard.

            Awaiting your kind response, Sir.

With regards.
Yours faithfully,

Circle Secretary

Copy to for information and necessary action:

1.    The General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, Plot No. - 2251/1, New Patel Road, New Delhi-110 008.
2.    The Secretary General, NFPE, North Avenue P O Building, New Delhi-110 008
3.    All  Divisional Secretaries and Circle Union Office bearers
4.    Chairman / Convener, NFPE Odisha State Coordination Committee.
5.    All Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle

Re-organization of Postal Divisions of Odisha - Constitution of Committee thereof

AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle extends a generous welcome to Shri A N Nanda as the Secretary (Posts)

Shri Anant Narayan Nanda, (IPoS, 1982), Member (Banking & HR), a peace loving personality and  a native of Balasore, Odisha having a Master’s Degree in History, another in Computer Application and also having a Post Graduate Diploma in Management takes over the Charge of the Secretary, Department of Posts, Govt. of India.

After Shri S C Mahalik, former D G & Secretary (Posts), Shri A N Nanda is the second Odia to be place in this highest post of the Department and the first Odia to be the Secretary (Posts) after separation of DG(Posts) and Secretary (Posts).

Apart from a successful bureaucrat, he has also established a separate identity of his own as a writer. His creative mood swings with poems and short stories, book reviews and humorous prose, travelogues and photography, reflections and translations, both in English and Hindi.

His selective published works are “In Harness”, poetry collections, “The Remix of Orchid”, short story collections with foreword by Mr. Ruskin Bond, “Virasat” and “Ek Saal Baad”, short Story collections in Hindi.

He has already worked in different capacities in Odisha Circle, viz, as SSPOs, Director and PMG and Chief PMG. The employees of Odisha Circle are quite confident that he will continue with his pro-staff activities as already witnessed during his working period in Odisha.

The AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle extends a generous welcome to Shri A N Nanda as the Secretary (Posts).