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Trade unions call nationwide strike on September 2 to protest againt amendments in labour laws

Central trade unions today said they will go on one-day nationwide strike on September 2 to protest against unilateral amendments in labour laws and the governments' indifference towards their 12-points charter of demands. 

At the National Convention, they gave the call for all India general strike on September 2, 2016 under their joint declaration. 

Leaders of the central trade unions including INTUC, AITUCHMSCITUAIUTUCTUCC,SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC and LPF participated in the convention and signed the joint declaration. 

However, RSS backed Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh did not turn up for the convention and is not part of the declaration. 

The unions have asked their members to organise a day- long mass Dharna/Satyagraha in state capitals and industrial centres on August 9 (Quit India Day) ahead of the Strike. 

They have also decided to organise joint conventions and campaigns in June-July in states, districts and at industry level and take initiative to involve peasants, agriculture labour and mass of the people in the campaign. 

According to declaration, totally ignoring the united opposition of the workers, the government has been moving fast to demolish existing labour laws thereby empowering the employers with unfettered rights to "hire and fire" and stripping the workers and trade unions of all their rights and protection provided in laws. 

"As follow up to the PMO's written communication to the Chief Secretaries of States, states are bing directed to carry out Rajasthan type pro-management amendments in labour laws. The Labour Secretary has issued executive order on January 12, 2016 granting exemption to so called start-up Enterprises from inspection and application of 9 major labour laws, thereby legitimizing violations," it said. 

Unions also expressed their reservations against proposed Small Factories Bill which provides that major 14 labour laws will not apply to factories employing up to 40 workers. 

Similarly, they opposed that Labour Code on Wages Bill and Labour Code on Industrial Relations Bill saying that "under the cover of amalgamation, these bills seek to make registration of unions almost impossible, making retrenchment and closure almost free for the employers class." 

"These bills have been put in public domain totally ignoring the trade unions thereby violating the provisions of ILO Convention 144 on tripartite consultation. All these amendments are meant to exclude 90 per cent of workforce from application of labour laws thereby allowing the employers to further squeeze and exploit the workers," it said.
Source:-The Economic Times

S B Order No. 02/2016 : Acceptance of POSB business in the case of Finacle CBS application is not accessible or slow to accept transactions presented at the counter - invoking of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) regarding

National Award Presentation Ceremony for outstanding business performance in Postal Life Insurance held in Bhubaneswar on 29.03.2016

Divisional Union wrote to circle union for supply of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers to offices of Phulbani Division.

      Com R C Mishra
      Circle Secretary
AIPEU Gr-C, Odisha Circle
      Bhubaneswar-751 007

No-PHI/AIPEU Gr C/01-03/2016 dated at Phulbani the 30th March 2016.

Sub- Supply of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers to offices of Phulbani Division.

Dear Comrade

Everyone is now aware of the scorching heat in the summer season which approximately covers half of the year. Also no exception is there in case of the offices of Phulbani Division which covers two revenue districts i.e. Boudh and Phulbani.

A memorandum was given to the PMG, Berhampur in this regard vide this union’s letter number - PHI/AIPEU/GrC dated at Phulbani (O) the 28th May 2015 during her visit to Phulbani. Also she assured us that appropriate action will be taken in this regard. But though approximately 7 (seven) months have been lapsed no action has been taken in this regard.

So it is requested to take up the matter with appropriate authority for providing Air Coolers to all offices under Phulbani Division and Air Conditioners to the offices having departmental buildings i.e. Phulbani HO, Boudhraj MDG, G Udayagiri LSG SO & Balliguda LSG SO. So that the best output can be obtained from the staff.

Yours fraternally

                                                       (Rabinarayan Choudhury)
                                            Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C
                             Phulbani divisional branch

Brief Report of the AIPEU Group C, Karnataka Circle Council meeting held at “The Bell Hotel”
on the 24th & 25th March 2016 at Bangalore.

The Circle Council meeting was inaugurated by our beloved Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers, New Delhi.

Smt Usha Chandrashekar, Chief Post Master General, Karnataka Circle attended the Open Session of the Council Meeting as the Chief Guest. Sri Rajendra Kumar, Post Master General, South Karnataka Region, Sri D S V R Murthy, Director Postal Services, HQs, Bangalore Region graced this occasion as Guests of Honour. Sri L K Dash, Director Postal Services, South 
Karnataka Region, graced the event on 25th march 2016 as Guest of Honour.

Karnataka Circle, which is always a pioneer in many aspects, has created a history. Smt Usha Chandrashekar, Chief Post Master General, Karnataka Circle has initiated a novel & path breaking step in India Post. She has interacted directly with the Divisional/Branch Secretaries, listening patiently the difficulties faced by staff, in their day to day functioning in the office, their needs in the running of the post offices smoothly, the infrastructure needs, the technology induction problems, augmentation of human resources and so on. Some instant solutions were provided, many were noted down for perusal, and the larger ones like Finacle, McCamish, Sify Networking &C S I at Mysore, Madam has assured that the issues have already been taken up with the Directorate and solutions will be found. This was a two hour programme. The interaction has soothed the staff who are working under great strain and pressure. It is a big and innovative bold step. Smt Usha Chandrashekar, CPMG Karnataka Circle will be remembered for this first of its kind initiative forever. AIPEU Group-C Karnataka Circle salutes Madam and Sri D S V R Murthy, DPS, for this and offers their sincere thanks.
Following this Sri S Rajendra Kumar, Post Master General, South Karnataka Region, explained in detail the measures being taken to ease the functioning of C S I at Mysore Division. He has assured the light at the end of the tunnel.
Next Day, i.e. on 25th March 2016, Sri L K Dash, Director Postal Services addressing the gathering gave a lucid account of the organizational challenges and the problems confronting the postal department and its employees. He highlighted, the undergoing changes of India Post in the competitive, market scenario, the work load and culture imposed upon the postal employees, which is onerous, comparing to any other central government department. He urged upon the employees to take it into their strike the changes and make themselves a force to reckon with.
Com. Krishnan, Secretary General, COC, with his usual eloquence and details held the house spell bound. The house heard him with rapt attention of the measures being taken by central union leaders at National level for all the issues concerning the staff--be it 7th CPC, technology, human resources, strike etc.
Com. Krishnan has stated in clear that Karnataka Circle AIPEU P-3 is one among the top 6 Circles of NFPE. The council meeting was a packed gathering of about 150 members on both the days. The venue and the style of the Council meeting was a pleasant experience for the delegates. AIPEU P-3 Karnataka Circle, has brought in corporate style of meetings in the Union field, since its Bi-ennial Conference of 2014.
It is also resolved in the Circle Council that a phased agitational programme is charted out for the early resolution of technology problems like, Finacle, Sify networking, band width, McCamish, & CSI at Mysore.
All the Divisional and Branch Secretaries, from all over Karnataka, participated in the Council meeting and a majority of them were overwhelmingly happy about the deliberations and the chance to interact with the CPMG Karnataka directly which is an life time experience for them. Many of them have appreciated the initiatives taken by the Circle Union leaders to redress the sufferings of the postal working class.
The present team under the Presidentship of Com. N Chandrashekar, has reached many a milestone, but the journey is long and many more things have to be done for the betterment of the postal workers. With, a fervent hope, I look forward that the deliberations of this Circle Council Meeting comprising of the collective intelligence of the enlightened Circle office bearers, Divisional Secretaries and Circle Councilors will take us to new heights, to move forward in the right direction for the welfare of postal fraternity.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                G. Janakiram,
                                                                                                               Circle Secretary.

     NFPE Zindabad                             AIPEU Zindabad                  Workers Unity Zindabad

NFPE NEWS : Make AIPEU-GDS the number one and only one recognised union of GDS

Govt. of India, Department of Posts, has issued two important orders relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks.  First order is regarding appointment of separate GDS committee headed by retired Postal Board Member (P) Shri.Kamalesh Chandra, Second order is long awaited Membership verification orders of GDS.
                   Regarding GDS Committee headed by the retired officer Shri. Kamalesh Chandra, NFPE and AIPEU-GDS had already submitted its memorandum on 18-03-2016.  Our main demands submitted before the GDS committee are (1) Grant of civil servant status and all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis (2) Pay scale, increment and all other allowances admissible to departmental employees on pro-rata basis (3) Fixation of minimum five hours and maximum eight hours wages (4) Pension and other pensionary benefits like Family Pension, Commutation Pension, Leave surrender etc. (5) Time bound promotion or Assured Career Progression (ACP) on completion of 10,20 and 30 years of service (6) Medical reimbursement facilities and (7) Grant of all kinds of leave including CL, EL, Commuted Leave, Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave and Special Casual leave etc.  There are many other demands also which we have included in the memorandum. 
                   Chairman, GDS Committee has written a letter to General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS for submission of memorandum to the Committee.  The Committee has assured NFPE and AIPEU-GDS that they will be given an opportunity to give oral evidence before the Committee.  We will try our best to get our demands accepted by the GDS Committee.
                   NFPE and AIPEU-GDS has already filed a case in the Supreme Court for implementation of the 1977 judgement and grant of Civil servant status to GDS.  Supreme Court has transferred the case to Delhi High Court and High Court has transferred the case to Principal Bench, Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Delhi.  The case is posted for final hearing on 4th April, 2016.
                   Regarding membership verification, all of us are aware that AIPEU-GDS was formed in the month of April, 2012.  For the last four years we are working without any recognition from the Government and Department.  Majority of the GDS in all 22 circles have joined AIPEU-GDS.  We have conducted two All India Conferences at Chennai and Shimla.  Full-fledged democratic functioning is ensured from Branch/Divisional level to Circle and All India.  We have conducted two All India strikes jointly with NFPE and AIPEU-GDS in December 2012 and February 2014 in which the main demands are GDS issues.
                   Recognised GDS union is functioning for the last seventeen years, with all the help and patronage of the Department and Govt. including Department provided Union office in Delhi.  Talwar Committee report was implemented partially and in a distorted manner in the year 1998 and GDS was granted TRCA, Increment, Paid leave, Ex-Gratia Gratuity, Severance Amount etc.  The recognised GDS Union was formed in the year 1999 ie. after partial implementation of Talwar Committee recommendations.  After the formation of the recognised union not even a single demand of GDS was settled.  Natarajamurthy Committee made most retrograde recommendations including change of cash handling point from Rs.1000/- to Rs.20,000/-.  This time also recognised GDS union signed an agreement with the department for appointment of separate GDS committee.  All the main demands of GDS such as Civil Servant status, Minimum and maximum wage, promotion, pension, medical facilities still remained unsettled.  What is the balance sheet of the recognised GDS Union for the last seventeen years?  It is a big zero.  Whatever benefits achieved for GDS was only because of the struggle conducted by NFPE in the past.  Recognised GDS Union went on accusing NFPE and tried its best for dividing GDS and Departmental employees.  AIPEU-GDS always believed in united struggle of GDS and Departmental employees.  Thus it can be seen that AIPEU-GDS is the only GDS union which is fighting, both organisationally and legally, for the cause of GDS.  Recognised GDS Union is spreading lies and always cheating the GDS and failed miserably to settle any of the demands of the GDS.
                   GDS want change and this is the time for change.  In the coming membership verification, it is the duty of every GDS and all NFPE members to defeat the recognised GDS Union and make AIPEU-GDS the only one recognised GDS Union.  We should get the membership authorisation letter signed by all GDS in favour of AIPEU-GDS and submit it to the concerned authorities duly countersigned by the Divisional Secretary or authorised representative of AIPEU-GDS.  There are some divisions where the Branch of AIPEU-GDS is not yet formed.  In such Divisions we should form an Adhoc Committee immediately and intimate the name and designation of the authorised representative or convenor/secretary to General Secretary AIPEU-GDS.
                   Let us declare that we will make AIPEU-GDS, the only one recognised GDS Union of GDS in the membership verification.

Central Government Holiday Homes


Notifying of Recruitment Rules within ten weeks time period after the same are approved by the UPSC: DoPT

Recruitment Rules should be reviewed once in 5 yrs, pending RR should be update before 30.09.2016: DoPT


All CBS Sub offices has to send the KYC application form ( Single sheet) to concerned HO only day-to- day basis One official should identify @ HO to scrutinize the all KYC application forms received from Sub offices and if there are any omissions in KYC application forms the same should be return to Sub offices in SO bags for wanting of omissions. If KYC forms are in order, then all the KYC forms of sub offices along with the KYC forms of Head Office should be sent to CPC (CBS) in one cover/bag by registered post on daily basis w.e.f 01.04.2016

            The following points should observe while scrutiny the documents at HO level

·         All AOF forms, KYC documents (ID proof/ Address proof/Age proof) and any other documents submitted by customer should preserve at SOL level only in date-wise A4 size binders.

·         Don’t fold the KYC Application Forms while sending to CPC. Kindly ensure the sufficient size covers for register booking purpose

·         Don’t staple the Photograph on KYC Application Form. Please paste the photograph on KYC application form at space provided.

·         For Joint a/cs don’t use Joint photograph of the customers. Please paste the individual Photographs of the customers against the fields mentioned for Applicant (1) /Applicant (2).

·         Please mention correct CIF id and Account id / Registration number of certificates against the fields provided in the KYC Application Form.

·         If any images (sign& photo) are not clear in Finacle application please send the revised KYC Application Form for re-scanning

·        If any omissions are there in KYC application forms pl return the forms to concerned sub offices for supply of omissions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Resolutions passed in the Executive Body and Working Committe meeting held on 28.03.2016 at PRC, Phulbani.


            The Superintendent of Post Offices
Phulbani Division
Phulbani-762 001

No- PHI/AIPEU-Gr-C dated at Phulbani the 29th March 2016.

On 28th March 2016 an Executive Body & Working Committee Meeting of the AIPEU Gr-C, Phulbani divisional branch held at PRC, Phulbani. During the discussion we found out the following problems which are coming in the day to day operations in finacle.

1.                  Proper infrastructure like Laser printers, Passbook Printers, UPS, Genset etc.

2.                  Link Problem should not be at all. And where NSP-2 is not available or not working they should be provided with NSP-2 with the half speed of that of the NSP-1. But in all offices where NSP-2 is provided they are only in paper. Their speed is as slow as 1/10th of NSP-1. And where there is no NSP-2, V-SAT provision should be made there.

3.                  Maker-Checker concept is not followed strictly. As now the single handed offices are being provided with both the Teller and Supervisor ID and pressurized to work. And in double handed offices also PA s are sent on deputation for long time. This should be avoided. Also action must be taken to return the PAs of the double handed offices.

4.                  The Citizen charter must be changed. As the times allotted there in the citizen charter were that of the Sanchaypost but in finacle it takes much more time to perform the same work.

5.                  CSAC concept must be removed. As in McCamish no CSAC is required Infosys may be instructed to make such provisions in finacle also.

6.                  CRESET menu should be provided to User Champions. So that the work load of CPC as well as the SPMs will become easier.

7.                  UCP sanction by the divisional administration must be expedited to adjust the balances of default CBS migrated accounts.

8.                  Habit of disabling the menus should be stopped permanently. By disabling menus like HPBP, HDRP the passbook printing and certificate printing are not being done which results in high customer dissatisfaction.

9.                  Undue pressure to staffs by pressurizing the BO staffs to achieve the targets. As the number of accounts are increased by splitting higher denomination into lower denomination, Which also violates directorate’s order no-116-26/2015-SB dated 19.08.2015.

10.              Public are threatening and scolding staffs vigoursly due to finacle problem and link problems so Safety and Security of working staffs must be arranged.

11.              Non functional of WTC, Phulbani. The same may be brought to functional condition by appointing a trainer also the same must be used as helpdesk for CBS and CIS.

12.              A notice must be given to the agents by the administration that they should not wander in the office campus after the time allotted to them is over.

13.              Reshuffling staffs in the transfer chain must be done properly. Senior staffs should be posted as SPMs.

Also it was decided in the meeting that the following resolutions will come into effect from 04th April 2016, if the problems mentioned above are not solved by the 04th April 2016.

  1. To leave office within ½ hr to 1 hr after working hours irrespective of the blocking validations. Until the following problems are not solved.

  1. We will stop working immediately if any type of harassment to any staff happens.

  1. If agents do wander in the office campus after the time allotted to them is over then on next day their work will not be accepted.

                                          Rabinarayan Choudhury
Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C
Phulbani divisional branch
Phulbani (O) - 762001
Copy to-
1.      The General Secretary, AIPEU Gr C, CHQ, New Delhi-110008
2.      The Circle Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C, Odisha, Bhubaneswar-751007
3.      All office bearers & members of AIPEU-Gr C, Phulbani -762001
4.       The Hon’ble MOC & IT, GOI, New Delhi-110001 for favour of kind information.
5.      The CPMG, Odisha, Bhubaneswar-751001 for favour of kind information.
6.      The PMG, Berhampur-760001 for favour of kind information.
7.        The CBS CPC, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751007 for favour of kind information.

Rabinarayan Choudhury
Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C
Phulbani divisional branch

Phulbani (O) - 762001

Divisional Union wrote to SPOs for supplying the staff position so the same can be taken up with circle union.

On 29.03.2016 the Divisional Union wrote to SPOs, Phulbani for supplying the staff position so the same can be taken up with circle union.

Customers deprived of CBS in Post Offices - Poor internet service blamed


Today(28.03.16), Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE along with Com. D. Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO met with Shri V.B. Sudhakar, Member (Technology) and Shri Ashutosh Tripathi, Member (Personal) and apprised of the worst situation being faced by Postal Staff due to CBS.
After detailed discussion, the following remedial measures have been declared by the Department.
Director (Technology) (Email: 28.03.2016)1:58 PM (53 minutes ago)
In response to your concerns regarding CBS functioning, I am directed to inform the following:

1. Two to three levels of EOD will be done centrally from CEPT, Mysuru from 1st April, 2016.

2. Two additional servers are being provided at the Data Centre today so that additional load can be absorbed.

3. The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been permitted by the FS Division from 23.03.2016. This will enable operations to be done across the counter.

4. An Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been constituted at CEPT, Mysuru to deal with outages.

5. A top to bottom review of the Application is being undertaken to ensure smooth operations.

Your co-operation is sought for effective implementation of CBS.This issues with approval of Member (Technology).



Secretary General NFPE and FNPO met Member (Technology) and Member (Personnel) and appraised the worst situation being faced by Postal staff due to CBS

Today on dated 28.03.2016, Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE along with Com. D. Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO met with Shri V.B. Sudhakar, Member (Technology) and Shri Ashutosh Tripathi, Member (Personal) and apprised of the worst situation being faced by Postal Staff due to CBS.

            After detailed discussion, the following remedial measures have been declared by the Department.
Director (Technology)    (Email: 28.03.2016)
1:58 PM (53 minutes ago)
            In response to your concerns regarding CBS functioning, I am directed to inform the following:

    1. Two to three levels of EOD will be done centrally from CEPT,     Mysuru from 1st April, 2016.

    2. Two additional servers are being provided at the Data Centre     today so that additional load can be absorbed.

    3. The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been permitted by the     FS Division from 23.03.2016. This will enable operations to be     done across the counter.

    4. An Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been constituted at  CEPT, Mysuru to deal with outages.

    5. A top to bottom review of the Application is being undertaken     to ensure smooth operations.

        Your co-operation is sought for effective implementation of CBS.
This issues with approval of Member (Technology).

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Holi to all..

7th Pay Commission: Central govt employees narrow down charter of demands; turn reasonable

New Delhi: The Joint Consultative Machinery of central government employees--the forum for amicable settlement of grievances of the Central Government employees relating to their service matters--seems to have turned more reasonable and have narrowed down the charter of demands seeking review of the seventh pay panel recommendations.

In February, the employees' forum had decided to proceed on an indefinite strike from April 11, if their charter of 26 demands was not met.

The demands also included no privatization of government functions, no FDI in Railways and Defence and no corporatization of Defence Production Units and Postal Department.

As per reports the Empowered Committee of Secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary assured that fair consideration will be given to all points brought out by the Joint Consultative Machinery​ before taking a final view.

Following are the narrowed demands presented by the Joint Consultative Machinery​ before the Empowered Committee of Secretaries:

1. Revision of the minimum pay of Rs. 18000 p.m. recommended by the Commission, taking into account commodities prices as on 01.07.2015 and appropriately factoring in for social obligations & housing.

2. Withdraw the New Pension Scheme. The Centre made made the NPS mandatory for employees who joined the service on or after January 1, 2004. It has since been adopted by most state governments also.

3. To re-examine the relevance of allowances and interest free advances in certain departments before taking a decision.

4. Should increase Fixed Medical Allowance from the existing Rs 500 per month to Rs 2000 per month, as large number of cities are not covered under central government health scheme.

5.Should discouraged outsourcing of services breed inefficiency and contractors exploit contract workers.

6. Enhancement in contribution towards Group Insurance Scheme has reduced the actual increase in take home salary considerably. If the rates are to be raised, the Government should bear the insurance premium

7. The recommendation regarding grant of only 80% of salary for the second year of Child Care Leave need not be accepted as this would deter women from availing of Child Care Leave, defeating the purpose of the welfare measure.

Annual increments be granted at the rate of 5% instead of existing 3% and increments may be granted on two dates i.e. 1 st of January and 1 st of July of every year against the current norm of granting of increment on 1 st July of every year.

9. The Commission’s recommendation of downgrading the Assistants of Central Secretariat for bringing in parity with their counterparts in the field offices is not appropriate.
10. Recommendation regarding Performance Related Incentive Scheme unacceptable as these could encourage favoritism.