Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pay Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Premium Online

PAY PLI PREMIUM ONLINE:- To see your PLI policy online, please register your policy details in the system. Please click on the link given. Then click on "generate customer id" then put your policy details, mobile number and email address, then click submit button. If your mobile number and email address is incorporated in our system, only then the submission will be successful. If the submission is successful, customer id and a link will be sent to your email address within next 24 hours. The link will be valid for next 72 hours. Within that period you are to set your password as per your choice by clicking that link sent to your email address.

Therafter you may login to your policy at any time and can perform all sorts of business relating to PLI snd RPLI. Even you may pay your premium using ATM debit cards. In that case extra bank charge @ 2.04% will be deducted from your account.

If your mobile number and email address is not incorporated to our system, you are to contact your nearest Head Post Office PLI CPC to incorporate the same in the system, you may also send your application through mail to the nearest PLI CPC.

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