Sunday, March 12, 2017

Proceedings of the Central Working Committee on cadre restructuring issue

Proceedings of the Central Working Committee meeting held at Raigargh on 8th and 9th March, 2017, on cadre restructuring issue.
The meeting was held in a conducive atmosphere under the presidentship of Com. J.R., President, CHQ.

As already presented by our Circle Union, before going into CWC, we have discussed in depth, all the problems cropped up, at the present form of implementation of this order,
and suggested further, the modifications required on this, to fulfill the aspirations of our entire cadre. 

Com. R.Kumar, deputised Circle Sec., Com.A.Veeramani, AGS & Com. Ragupathy, AGS
have deliberated well on several issues, especially on this.

Com. KVS elaborately discussed everything and properly guided the CWC for taking right decision, which were appreciated unanimously by all the Circle Secretaries.

At the final round, Com. Krishnan has joined the discussions, and had onboard live cross discussions with Com. KVS , which was enjoyed by the entire CWC and opened many thing earlier unearthed . 

Winding of this issue, President Com.J.R. has requested the Gen.Sec., Com. Parashar, to prepare a memorandum on this, in consultation with key office bearers and to submit the same to the Dept, positively after 16th Strike, and requesting the dept. for direct discussions for settlement of this issue. 

Till such time of any required modifications, the implementation of this orders may be deferred.

This was accepted by the G.S. as well as the CWC and further decided to have a indepth discussion board , comprising with the President, Gen. Sec., and with some other key office bearers, under the guidance of Com. Krishnan and Com.KVS.

These developments may kindly be conveyed to all our comrades, by sharing through whatsapp/face book. 

On return to Tamilnadu, similar type of request will be placed with our CPMG t
through our Circle Union......

Some of the photos taken during the on board intellectual interactions between Com.Krishnan and com. KVS on cadre restructuring are placed below for your view.

Ever yours ....

J.R., C.S., NFPE P3, TN.

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