Thursday, March 10, 2016

RICT Solution Rollout : Identification Of DoP RICT Trainers

All Circles are requested to identify RICT Trainers for each Postal Division in such way that there should be at least 01 Trained RICT trainer is available for each of 15 to 20 BOs. All Sub Divisional Heads and IPs/ASPs should mandatorily be identified as RICT Trainer.

As part of rollout of RICT solution each BO shall be supplied with a Handheld device called 'Main Computing Device (MCD)' along with its accessories e.g Barcode Scanner, PIN Pad, Battery Charger, Pen driver, SD card etc. by the RH Vendor. Suitable training shall also be imaparted to end users i.e. BPMs by tge "DoP RICT Trainers" who shall be trained by the RSI Vendor in Hardware as well Software part of RICT Solution. RSI Vendor is mandated to train approximately 4000 such pre identified DoP RICT trainers.

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