Tuesday, September 01, 2015


2015 July’s AICPIN Points To Be Released Today
2015 July’s AICPIN points to be published today by the Labour Bureau
“The final calculations for the Dearness Allowance based on the 6th Pay Commission recommendations are all set to begin. The fluctuation in the prices of essential commodities will be taken into account for this calculation.”

Additional dearness allowance from 1.7.2015 is finalized to hike by 6%
Calculations for the additional Dearness Allowance to be issued for Central Government employees and retired employees in the month of January 2016, begins with the AICPIN points of July 2015, which will be released today.

The dearness allowance percentage for January 2016 will be calculated based on the AICPIN points of the six months starting from July 2015, up to December 2015.
The dearness allowance to be issued in the month of January 2016 will be added to the salary drawn by the employee based on the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission. Only after this will the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission take effect.

Central Government employees and pensioners are getting right now 113% of their basic pay as DA. And an additional dearness allowance from 1.7.2015 is almost finalized to hike by 6%. So, the total DA will become as 119%. And now, last and second additional DA for this year with effect from 1.1.2016 begins with the latest AICPIN points for the month of July 2015.

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