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BOUDHPEX 2015 : Boudh District Level Philatelic Exhibition from 18th to 19th November 2015


Organized by : Phulbani Postal Division

All correspondence may be addressed to: 

Supdt. of Post Offices

Phulbani Division


Phone no.-06842-253692



Special covers:-Subject to approval by the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, special covers will be issued with special cancellations on both the days of the exhibition .These covers will be on sale at the Philatelic Counter in the exhibition premises .Price per cover will be Rs.10/- plus cost of actual postage stamps to be affixed . Special covers can be obtained by placing orders with the in-charge ,Philatelic Bureau, Bhubaneswar GPO,Bhubaneswar-751001,remitting the cost in advance . Arrangements are being made to procure all available old series of commemorative stamps for sale through Postal Counter at the venue.

Stalls:-In order of receipt of applications, space will be allotted to the stamp dealers with a table, chair and almirah, charging a nominal rent of Rs.5,000/- (Rs. five thousand only) for all the two days of the Exhibition.

Workshop: - A Stamp Designing Competition will be held on 18th November, 2015 at the Town Hall, Boudh from 12.00 hrs to13.30 hrs . The students of Kandhmal and Boudh District can take part in this competition. The competition will be held for English medium and Odia medium students separately. There will be four groups as under:-

1) Class-II to V = Sub Junior Group

2) Class-VI to VIII = Junior Group

3) Class-IX to X = Senior Group

4) College students +2 to +3 = Super Senior Group

Quiz:-     A Quiz Competition for school students will be held in the afternoon from 14.30 hrs to 15.30 hrs at the same venue .

In each group there will be 3 (three) Prizes i.e. First ,Second and third will be awarded for each competition . Before the competition one workshop on Philately will be held for an hour which will be useful for the competition.

Further details can be had from the Secretary,BOUDHPEX-2015, Supdt. of Post Offices, Phulbani Division, Phulbani .


1. The exhibition will be held under the auspices of the Department of Posts (Supdt.of Post Offices, Phulbani Division ,Phulbani under Berhampur Region) .The exhibition will be held at Town Hall, Boudh from 18.11.2015 to 19.11.2015 .The exhibition will be open to visitors on both the days from 10.00 to 20.00 hrs .

2. The exhibition will be a District Level Philatelic Exhibition which will be held at Boudh & known as “BOUDHPEX 2015”.

3. Entries to the competition group will be limited to the Philatelists of Boudh & Kandhamal District only . Distinguished Philatelist will be requested to exhibit their valuable collections in the non-competitive (Invitee) group. Exhibits which have secured awards at the international, National or State level exhibitions will not be entertained in the competitive group.

4. The whole exhibit must be the bonafide property of the Exhibitor and the signing of the entry form is deemed to be an implied declaration to this effect and to the acceptance of the General rules .

5. Each exhibit should be entered in the correct group and section .An exhibit considered to be incorrectly entered will be transferred to its correct group or section by the Organizers. Exhibit may be entered under a non-de-plume provided the full name and details have been registered with the Organizers. Duly completed entry forms should be sent so as to reach the Secretary, BOUDHPEX 2015, not later the 10thNovember,2015.

6. All exhibits for competition or display must be mounted on the album sheets of the required size (see clause no. 9) .Each album sheet should be kept inside the protective transparent covers duly closed .EXHIBIT SHALL NOT HAVE THE NAME OR IDENTIFICATION MARK OF ITS OWNER ON THE FACE OF THE SHEET .BUT THIS SHOULD BE WRITTEN ON THE BACKSIDE OF THE SHEET. The number of the frames and the order of the sheet in the frame should be written on the rear side to facilitate error free mounting.

7. The organizers reserve the right to reject any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason for such rejection.

8. The organizers will be responsible for the mounting and dismounting of all exhibits. However ,the exhibitors may have their exhibits, mounted in their presence if they so desire –No exhibits can be removed during the exhibition. Exhibitors who wish to collect their exhibits can do so after the close of the exhibitions, at the time and date to be notified in the exhibition hall .It will be delivered under clear acquaintance.

9. Frame Size:-There will be approximately 80 frames of modern design .The frames will be adequately secured and lighted .Each frame will hold 16 standard size album page (22 cm x 29 cm) .

10. Allotment of Frames:-Any single exhibit which the organizers accept for competition shall be allotted not less than two and not more than four frames in the competitive group (Senior) and not less than two and not more than three frames in the Junior/School competitive group . The number of allotted frames may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the organizers on the basis of quality of exhibits .The organizers have full freedom to reject any exhibit for valid reasons .Each exhibitor will be individually notified by the organizing committee of the final allocation of frames made to him/her .PAYMENT IS TO BE MADE ONLY AFTER THE RECEIPT OF THE NOTIFICATION BY THE PARTICIPANT.

11. Fees:-The entry fee per frame is Rs.100/- (Rs. one hundred only) for Senior Group ,which is to be remitted by money order to the Secretary, BOUDHPEX 2015, only after receipt of the notification (as per handbook on Philately ).No fee will be charged to the participants of junior group and the school group (as per handbook) .

12. Exhibits may be handed over to the Secretary, BOUDHPEX 2015 in person or sent by insured post only .They will be returned after the close of the exhibition by insured post at the risk of the participants if not collected in persons .

13. No single exhibit or any part thereof may be entered in more than one group or section or will receive more than one award .There is however, no limit to the number of exhibits a collector may enter in one or more groups. Separate entry form should be used for each group & section .Additional entry forms can be obtained from the secretary on request .

14. The last date for receipt of entry is 10.11.2015 and last date of receipt of exhibits by post is 15.11.2015 .Those who desire to deliver the exhibits in person may do so latest by 15.11.2015 .All exhibits should be accompanied with an invoice in duplicate showing the particulars of the contents of each album.

15. Constitution and Powers of Jury:-The jury, consisting of three judges of whom one is from the Department of Posts, will have the privilege to consult independent opinion, amateur or professional .It shall also have the power to withhold any award when, in its own opinion an entry has not confirmed with the exhibition standard, or for any other reason .The jury will be decided by the Chief Postmaster General ,Odisha Circle ,Bhubaneswar.

16. The jury will be requested to base its awards on the basis of rules for judging exhibits made by the Department . The following criteria and marking will be followed for thematic exhibits .

1.Title,Plan,Development and innovation(35 marks).

2.Philatelic knowledge and research(30 marks)

3.Condition and clarity of the exhibits (30 marks)

4.Presentation(05 marks)

17. The jury will present its report and list of awards to the organizers. The decision of the jury in all cases will be final. Disputes will be referred to the Chief Postmaster General , Odisha Circle ,Bhubaneswar.

18. Awards:-The organizers will place at the disposal of the jury a sufficient number of prizes. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all the participants. There will be gold, silver ,bronze, medals/diploma as recommended by the jury .

19. Insurance:-Exhibitors may in their own interest make their own arrangement for the insurance of their exhibits .The organizers will however have block insurance.

20. Liabilities:-Though every possible case will be taken of exhibits, no responsibility shall attach to the organizers of the exhibition nor to the members of the organizing committee or its employees or voluntary assistants for any loss of or damage to an exhibit arising from any cause or reason what so ever. However all care will be taken for the safety of the exhibits.

21. Security:- Adequate security arrangements will be made by the special security and vigilance committee to protect the exhibits .

22. Amendment of Rules:-The organizers reserve the right to add, alter or amend these rules and to alter the grouping and classification should it be necessary.

23. The decision of the organizers on all questions other than jury decisions that may arise concerning the exhibition shall be final and binding.

24. The signature of a exhibitor on the entry form shall be deemed to imply acceptance of these rules and regulations and the amendment and modifications that may be made thereafter.

25. There will be six categories of exhibits in senior group and four each in junior and school group as shown under classification.



The selected distinguished philatelists will display their exhibits to improve the standard of the exhibition .This is non-competitive class.

II.COMPETITIVE GROUP (Senior): (2 frames to 4 frames)

             a) India (i) Pre-Independence (ii) Post independence

b) Indian States

c) General Collection (World other than India)

d) Thematic(One frame exhibits only with adequate material for display)

III.COMPETITIVE GROUP(Junior):- (2 frames to 3 frames )



c)General Collection (World-Other than india)

d)First day covers & Special Covers

junior: Below the age of 18 years as on 01.01.2015.

(Proof of age must accompany entry form )

IV.COMPETITIVE GROUP(School):- (2frames to 3 frames)

The Schools of Boudh and Kandhamal District will participate gateway only .No individual can send his/her exhibits. The school will be participant.



c)General Collection(World-Other than India)

d)First day covers & Special covers.



Date : 18-19, November, 2015
Venue : Town Hall, Boudh


Please type or fill in Block letters. This form in duplicate must be sent along with Xerox copies of awards and certificate of age for youth entries to the Secretary, BOUDHPEX-2015 (Supdt. of Post Offices, Phulbani Division, Phulbani-762001) so as to be received by 10th November, 2015 by hand and 15th November, 2015 by Post.  

1. TITLE OF EXHIBIT : _____________________________________________________

2. EXHIBITOR’S NAME  : ___________________________________________________

3. EXHIBITOR’S ADDRESS : ________________________________________________


TELEPHONE/MOBILE NUMBERS : ___________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH : _________

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