Sunday, October 18, 2015

Divisional Union writes to Circle Union to take up some matters at Higher level.

No-PHI/AIPEU/Gr C dated at Phulbani the 14th October 2015.
                Com R C Mishra
                Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C, Odisha Circle
                Bhubaneswar-751 007

Dear Comrade

The following agendas were taken with the Divisional administration out of which for some proposals have been sent to RO, Berhampur and for some the administrative side have told that this is not in their purview. The said are as below-

  1. Repairing of Compound Wall of Phulbani HO & G Udayagiri LSG SO-
The divisional administration has replied to the service union that the same will be done after receipt of funds from RO. So you are requested to take up this matter with RO, Berhampur.

  1. Quarter facilities for Boudhraj MDG-
The divisional administration has closed this item by showing reason that this is out of their purview. It is noteworthy that the MDG is a district headquarters office and also having strength (1+4). But only postmaster quarters is available there. So quarter facilities may be arranged for other staffs. Also in the radius of 08 KMs of Boudh there are 3 NDTSOs and 1 C Class Delivery SOs are functioning.

Comrade Please take up the issue with PMG, Berhampur to resolve the above things.
Yours fraternally

                                                       (Rabinarayan Choudhury)
                                            Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C

                             Phulbani divisional branch

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