Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flush DNS for improving Finacle Speed

Whenever you type a URL on the address bar it fetches the corresponding IP address to communicate with web server (it might be any kind of server). When you repeatedly use a same URL its just a waste of network resource to fetch corresponding IP address every time because IP don't change too often. 

So your computer stores the combinations of domain name and its IP in local cache to avoid fetching from Domain name System(DNS) every time you use same domain name(URL). 

It also holds another crucial info called "Timeout" which says about the valid time for the IP and domain name combination, when this time times out your computer re-fetches the combination from DNS and stores in local cache again. 

DNS flushing is the mechanism where the user can manually make all the entries in the cache invalid, so your computer re-fetches new combinations by now on whenever it needs and stores in local 
Enough theory, let us do some practical 
  • First click Windows+R keys in your key board.(Ref the image given below) 

Type the following command and press Enter: 
ipconfig /flushdns 
If the command was successful, you will see the following message: 

Now start a new session in Finacle and see the magic.It will be faster than previous session. This technique is useful in afternoon when the Finacle shows sluggish behaviour.

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