Wednesday, December 30, 2015


General :

  1. In case of RD deposits accepted through MPKBY agents, two copies of LOT is to be taken from agent. One copy  should be kept in the  office guard file and another copy should be attached with the Pay-in slip and placed at the end of RD voucher bundle.[Point 1.4]
  2. Account opening form or SB – 3 card of  an account which is opened on obtaining KYC documents, at the first time,  need not be sent to SBCO at the time of closure along with the closed voucher. The remarks “SB-3 / AOF retained with KYC documents” should be recorded  on the closed voucher under the signature of ASPM /SPM.   [Point 1.5]
  3. AOF obtained for the subsequently opened accounts should be attached with the closed voucher and sent to SBCO.[Point 1.5]
  4. In case of accounts closed at the Post office other than the office where they are opened,  Account Transfer Form is to be collected at the time of closure and should be attached with the Closure voucher. [Point1.5]
  5. In case of any Interest adjustment and adjustment related to pre-migration period ,if required, SPM / ASPM will write error book entry and raise the issue with Head Postmaster [Point 1.6 ]

Change in Procedure of Sealing of vouchers and LOT by CBS Post offices:

  1. Post office staff should write the name of Scheme and TRAN ID in red ink on the right hand side of the voucher [ Point 2.1 ]
  2. One deposit slip and one withdrawal slip will be prepared for auto credit of MIS / SCSS / TD to Savings account and Savings account to RD category accounts.[ Point 2.2 ]
  3. One deposit slip will be prepared for the total of each type of Agent Commission credited in to Savings accounts supported by consolidated list of commission paid.[ Point 2.3 ]
  4. One withdrawal slip will be prepared by SPM for the POSB cheque clearing amount (based on the clearing amount intimated to clearing House / HO ) and print out of cheque’s image should be attached to it.[ Point 2.4 ]
  5. At the closing of counter hours, all vouchers should be sorted scheme-wise, TRAN ID wise. Vouchers should be tallied with the LOT shown in the system by the Counter PA and SPM / ASPM [ Point 2.5 ]
  6. A consolidation of the scheme should be generated and two copies of print out taken [Pt. 2.6 ]
  7. ASPM / SPM will sign the consolidation and write the amount of all heads  in words and figures along with no. of deposits and withdrawal vouchers included in the bundle of each category.  If any manual correction is made, it should be supported by copy of Error Book (One copy to be attached with the voucher, one copy with the office copy of consolidation and one copy to be sent to Divisional office. ) [ Point 2.7 ]
  8. All vouchers including closed vouchers are to be sealed along with the one copy of print out of consolidation. Another copy of the consolidation should be preserved in guard file scheme wise and date wise for each category.  [ Point 2.7 ]
Further, the old SB-3 cards pertaining to Suboffices shall be dispatched to concerned sub offices from HO, which may be preserved at SO.

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