Sunday, February 21, 2016

Centre admits employees not happy with minimum pay recommended Pay Commission

New Delhi: Central government has admitted that central government employees are not happy with the minimum pay, which has been recommended by the Seventh Pay Commission.
The recommendation of the Pay Commission will be included in the budget but will not see the minimum pay Rs 18,000.
The commission findings of pay hikes of central government employees were published in November, with a promise of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to include the increase the pay hikes of central government employees in the budget in this month.
All trade unions and central government employees associations are unhappy with the proposed increase of minimum pay.
Some of the unions and associations had called for the minimum pay to be increased to Rs 26,000, while another wanted it raised to Rs 24,000.
Yesterday, the Finance Ministry official, works with implementation cell, said the minimum pay will be increased to “a balanced compromise”, while trade unions have said the increase should be made to good enough.
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