Saturday, February 06, 2016


1. Whether ATM cards can be issued to Illiterate account holders.

Yes. Just like how account opening is being and also with drawls by Illiterate people is done, the same procedure (witness) may be followed for giving ATM cards to illiterates. However do keep in mind and inform the customer that if any malpractices is being done in their ATM card by the person who is operating their card (if incase), we are not responsible. May be get a letter from the customer before issuing cards to them that they fully understand these conditions.
2. Whether ATM cards can be issued to account holders of other SOLs 

( Including town sub offices) as the account holders of near by offices are requesting for issue of ATM cards. And detailed procedure is wanting for SOL change/transfer of account from one PO to other PO if specifically requested by the depositor by written letter or producing SB 10(b).
NO. ATM cards should be given to HO account holders only at present. Cards for SOs will be given in future.
3. Whether ATM cards can be issued to all joint holders(A, B, C) or only to first holder.

ATM cards can be given for single account holder and Joint B(E OR S). For joint B, primary account holder to be given ATM card.

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