Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ministries asked to put online info on their works every month

All central government ministries have been asked to highlight their achievements by putting online the details of the work undertaken by them on a monthly basis for greater transparency. 

The Cabinet Secretariat has recently issued instructions in this regard to secretaries of all the ministries. 

In order to ensure greater transparency and availability of information in public domain, it has been decided that henceforth, all ministries and departments may upload, on a monthly basis, their major achievements, significant developments and important events for the month on their official websites, the instructions said. 

Senior officials in the Cabinet Secretariat said it has been observed that some of the departments are hesitant in putting governance-related information in public domain. 

The secretaries will be responsible for ensuring that maximum information is put in public domain, they said. 

The Centre had recently asked all ministries to update their websites. Over 920 websites of various departments had failed quality audits following which the secretaries were asked to ensure that there is up-to-date governance related information on the websites and no "page under construction" links. 

The availability of information in public domain will also result in less number of Right to Information (RTI) applications filed by people with the ministries, the officials said. 

Source:-The Economic Times

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