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Divisional union Phulbani wrote to Circle Union regarding Various problems of Phulbani Division to be taken up with the PMG Berhampur.

AIPEU-Gr. C Phulbani-762 001 <>

Various problems of Phulbani Division to be taken up with the PMG Berhampur.

AIPEU-Gr. C Phulbani-762 001 <>Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 1:47 AM
To: "AIPEU, Gr C, Odisha Circle" <>
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Ref-This Union eMail dated 11.06.2016.
Dear Comrade
                   The following agendas are submitted herewith for taking up the same with the PMG, Berhampur.

1. Replacement of UPS batteries:-
No office under Phulbani Division is having UPS backup due to damaged batteries. Though the RO berhampur informed our circle union that on receipt of fund the same will be provided, but a matter of regret that though 1/6th grant has been received, no tangible action has been taken at RO level for supply of the batteries on war footing basis. Though repeated reminders are being sent from the DO, Phulbani.

2. Duplicate Checking and counting machine:-
Now-a-days duplicate notes very common. And  it is impossible for working class people to chechk each and every note for genuineness. Hence Indent for the same from Phulbani DO to Berhampur RO has been submitted since long but supply of the same is pending till date.  Indent to RO Berhampur have been submitted vide DO, Phulbani letter number-J/G-53 dated 30.05.2016. But no reply/action from RO, Berhampur.

3. Dequarterisation of Baunsuni SO-
This is a long pending case. So most priority should be given. RO berhampur letter number Bldg/147-9-91 dated 09.11.2015 was complied by DO, Phulbani lr no-D-07/Ch-I dated 24.11.2015 after that no action from RO, Berhampur.

4. NSP2 Issues-
To 11 offices (which are already migarted to CBS) there is no provision for NSP2. And where NSP2 is there it is not working people. As per agreement the NSP2 should provide half of the speed of NSP1. But in no case the same is happening, though feasibility is there (like airtel 3G). Also the DO, Phulbani has written the same to RO/CO but no reply of the same is received to DO. Also RO is reminded of the same on 30.05.2016. But still no action has been taken.Indent for 3G dongles for the said offices has been submitted to RO Berhampur vide DO, Phulbani letter number-Tech/Sify Technology/2014 dated 20.10.2015, 29.10.2015, 30.05.2016 & 23.08.2016 . But no reply/action from RO, Berhampur.

5. Providing Air-Coolers to offices of Phulbani Division-
Indent of the same has been submitted by DO, Phulbani to RO, Berhampur. But no reply from the RO Berhampur is received. The proposal was sent to RO Berhampur  vide DO, Phulbani letter number-J/G-51 dated 28.04.2016. But no reply/action from RO, Berhampur.

6. Supply of Water Purifier to Phulbani HO & G Udayaagiri LSG SO
Indent from DO, Phulbani has been submitted. But no reply from RO, Berhampur vide DO Phulbani lr nos-J/G-24 dated 08.08.2016 and J/G-24/Ch-II dated 24.08.2015 but no reply/action from RO, Berhampur.

8.Supply of 4-Port SIC Cards to B Class SOs.
4-Port SIC cards are highly required because as per M/s Sify if unmanaged switch will be there between the rouoter and the nodes then the bandwidth will decrease. The indent for the same has been submitted to RO Berhampur. But no action from RO end. The lr numbers from DO, Phulbani are-Tech/Sify Technology/2014 dated 30.05.2016, 14.07.2016 & 23.08.2016 but no reply/action from RO Berhampur.

9. Supply of Air Conditioner to Servers of Boudhraj MDG, Balliguda LSG SO & G Udayagiri LSG SO-
Though it was intimated by RO berhampur to the circle union that the same will be done. But the same has not been done.

Comrade it is requested to take up the cases with high importance for early settelment

Comradely yours

Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.C
Phulbani divisional branch
Phulbani, Odisha-762 001
Mob-+91-9778236897 & +91-9861512364

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