Saturday, January 21, 2017

Circle Union requests the Chief PMG, Odisha to fill up the vacant posts of HSG-II & HSG-I before going for LSG DPC.

No. P3Odisha/03-01/2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 20th January, 2017
The Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub:   Implementation of  Cadre Restructuring proposal for Group-C postal employees in Odisha Circle – Regarding

Ref.- D G (Posts) letter No. 25 – 4 / 2012 – PE.I, dated 27.05.2016

Respected Sir,
We are very much thankful to the Circle administration for taking timely initiative in implementing the cadre restructuring proposal for Group-C postal employees and there by completing the first phase activity for HSG-I NFG in the mean time in Odisha Circle.

We are also happy to know that a complete process is rapidly going on now in Circle Office for updating the Circle Gradation List for Postal Assistants simultaneously with the DPC for LSG Cadre.

In this context, we would like to state that there will be serious dislocation in functional activities of the post offices if the posting order is issued first for LSG cadre before filling the posts in HSG-I and HSG-II cadre under the cadre restructuring proposal. Since all the existing LSG posts have now been upgraded to HSG-II cadre, the existing LSG officials will certainly be disturbed from the present posts if LSG DPC is completed first and posting order is issued. Thus almost all the HSG-II posts will remain vacant till the exiting LSG officials are eligible for promotion as per the present norm. Similar will be the position in HSG-I cadre also.

Thus, question arises how to manage these large number of HSG-II and HSG-I posts in the absence of eligible officials. Undoubtedly, the P As will be forced to man these posts without pay and seniority benefits and that will be a great injustice to such employees.

As known, currently most of the existing LSG and HSG-II officials have not completed the minimum eligibility criteria for promotion to HSG-II and HSG-I cadre respectively. Unless these two cadres are filled in on priority basis, the actual vacancy including the current enhanced posts   under LSG cadre cannot be ascertained for conducting DPC. For the purpose, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ has taken up the issue with the Postal Directorate  for issuing necessary order to all Circle Heads  for one time absorption of all the existing LSG and HSG-II officials in HSG-II and HSG-I care respectively irrespective of their length of service in the existing cadre  which, as ascertained is under active consideration.

Therefore, it is requested kindly not to issue posting orders of LSG officials immediately after completion of the DPC and wait for the onetime absorption order for LSG and HSG-II officials from the Directorate.

We sincerely request first to complete the process for  HSG-I and HSG-II cadre and then go for LSG cadre to avoid any dislocation in managing the huge number of vacant posts under both the  higher selection grades.

A line of reply on the action taken in this regard is highly solicited.

        With regards.
Yours faithfully,

Circle Secretary
Copy to:
 Com. R N Parashar, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Delhi-110 008 for information and necessary action. He is  requested to kindly expedite the issue of onetime absorption of the existing  LSG and HSG-II officials now pending before Postal Directorate. 

Circle Secretary

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