Friday, January 13, 2017

Facility of accepting postal charge free RTI petitions should be extended to all post offices

The Indian postal department deserves all compliments for providing unique facility of accepting RTI petitions addressed to central public authorities without requiring any postal charge. 
However, this facility is presently available at just about 4500 post-offices out of a total of about 160,000 post-offices in the country. 

The Department of Posts should make this facility available at all 160,000 post-offices in the country. 
 There should be no operational problem in extending this service at all post-offices of the country, because every post-office, however small it may be, sends a post-bag in the evening to the head post-office. 
 This post-bag apart from other items and currency also contains articles booked through registered and speed post etc.

This post-bag sent from each post-office can also easily contain collected RTI petitions to be delivered at central public-authorities.
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