Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Re-Investment of Matured Amount in DOP Finacle

In case, depositor wants re-investment from one scheme's maturity value to another scheme, total maturity value+interest should be credited/deposited under Office Account (SOL ID + 0387).
then amount to be invested should be debited/withdrawn from this account and credited/deposited in the concerned new account. Remaining amount can be paid by cash/cheque from this account to the customer.
One Supervisor/SPM should take print out of the ledger copy of this office account by invoking HACLPOA or Office Account LOT.
Cross verify all debits and credits with corresponding re-investment entries in the LOTs on daily basis. 
Supervisor has to ensure that balance at the end of each day in this account is Zero i.e against all the credits entered for re-investment, amount should be debited from this account and concerned accounts are credited or remaining amount is paid.

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