Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Click Here to download the instructions issued by DOPT on availing of LTC, giving of self certification and guidelines to applicants.Department has decided to simplify the procedure of application and make the procedure of processing of LTC claims time bound. The following time-limits shall be followed while processing the LTC applications/claims of the Government servants.

Time limit 

  1. Leave Sanction 5 days + 2 days*
  2. Sanction of LTC advance 5 days + 2 days* 
  3. Time taken by Administration for verification of LTC claim after the LTC bill is submitted by the Government employee for settlement. 10 days + 2 days* 
  4. Time taken by DDO 5 days + 2 days*
  5. Time taken by PAO 5 days + 2 days*  

*It may be noted that in cases where the place of posting of the Government employees is away from their Headquarters, additional 2 days transit-time may be allowed. The person proceeds on LTC after S.No.1 and 2 i.e. after ten days of applying LTC

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