Friday, January 15, 2016

GPS-enabled vehicles for Postal Delivery in DLF Phase I

The Gurgaon postal department has in a pilot project deployed nearly a dozen, GPS-enabled vehicles, including six rented e-bikes, for postal delivery in DLF Phase I.
The rented e-bikes will have an average running cost of just Rs1.5 a km inclusive of electricity and maintenance. "This initiative has been taken in support of a pollution-free environment," said Umesh Verma, post-master general. "Besides, it will also help in speedy and prompt delivery of mail."
Most postmen in India are provided bicycles, or even have to foot it out to deliver letters and packets. The deployment of e-bikes will transform the delivery system, speeding up postal services.

The postal department is facing stiff competition from private courier operators most of whose representatives deliver packages on two-wheelers.

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