Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Secretary (P) Reiterated The CBS Roll Out Timeline I.E. By 14th March 2016 For All Postal Circles

Minutes of the CBS review meeting dated 12.01.2016 at Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 

1. A CBS review meeting of Kerala Circle and West Bengal Circle was held on 12.1.2016 at Board Room, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi. The meeting was chaired by Secretary (Posts). CPMG Kerala, CPMG West Bengal and PMG Kolkata & North Bengal attended the meeting. Member (Banking and HRD), Member (Technology), Member (PLI), DDG (FS), DDG (PMU), Director (Technology) and Director (CBS) were present.

2. As a follow up action on the directions given in the last VC held on 08.01.2016, the Secretary (P) reviewed the CBS roll out status of Kerala and West Bengal Circle.

3. The Secretary (P) reiterated the roll out timeline i.e. by 14th March 2016 and digitization completion timelines i.e. January 2016. These timeline shall be applicable for all the Circles.

4. The issue of migration of offices having only NSP1 or NSP2 was also discussed.It was decided in principle to migrate the offices having only NSP1. For the offices having only NSP2, PMU/ Member (Tech) were requested to review the position for further necessary action. FS division has also circulated a template to provide the list of offices/ number having only NSP1, NSP2 or TNF vide email dated 12.01.2016. The information may please be supplied urgently.

5. Secretary may be reviewing the status of CBS roll out Circle wise anytime, particularly for the Circles lagging behind in digitization and migration.

6. All the Circles are therefore once again requested to plan out their strategy /action plan to meet the target of digitization and roll out as directed by


(Sachin Kishore)
Director (CBS)

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