Tuesday, March 22, 2016


A review about DOP Finacle. (With best of my knowledge only)

Why Finacle is always getting slow/hanging/not responding properly.
Reasons may be the following:

Web server traffic limit exceeding( for example My mobile has a web server called Bitweb. it will be efficient for client--server web applications. But it's traffic limit is 999. It means when more than 999 people uses that web application automatically my server hangs and it doesn't respond until the administrator clears the traffic queues. The same may be happening in our finacle)
Network issues( i.e. server should be able to output the data with high bandwidth speed to clients. If the network issue is from client only the sufferer clients will face issue. But all clients facing same issue.. so the network issue is from Server only.
Bandwidth Speed( First of all server configured with high speed of bandwidth. Suppose My server configured with 1mbps speed, but the clients having 4mbps bandwidth for access of web application then they will only able to get out from my server is 1mbps. if the number of users is 100. then the speed devided to 100 i.e. 1024/100=10.24 kbps speed response only you will get from server. The same may be happening in Finacle.)
Clients having only 256kbps speed of network ( But it may be false. Because we have own WAN network with SIFY, and the server has to be capable to serve clients efficiently effectively and speedily. So the client speed is not big issue with best of my knowledge)
Actually Infosys team said that 100kbps speed is sufficient for clients.
But it's their lack of knowledge of DOP Transactions flow, DOP strength in work load.
Overall my review about finacle is, " A review should be conducted with the team who are running server and with the DOP employees and administrative staff..No bank is suffering like our Finacle though it has been using in 84 countries and about 154+ clients.
But the joke is, in their website they mentioned some of major banks like SBI,PNB,RCBC,KMB etc DOP is not in their clients list though they bags 600cr project from DOP which is a big project than other clients.
Source-potools blog

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