Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Latest LATE Instruction on Verification of Sanchay Post Data for CBS

Postal directorate has issued important instructions regarding verifications of Sanchay Post Data before and after migration to CBS on 10.03.2016 vide letter No. 25-06/2012-FS-CBS (Pt-1).

But, when the circular reaches at targeted bottom level, 90% offices would be in CBS platform. Then there would be no importance for this circular. Even if it has included some already issued instructions, at this point of time, this circular is too late. Read the content of circular below.

Kindly recollect the discussions held on above subject and examples cited by DDG (FS) during the last VC chaired by Secretary (Posts) on 18.2.16. This office has issued various instructions /guidelines on the above subject from time to time. Since we are now fast approaching completion of migration of all the Post Offices, the competent authority has decided to issue following guidelines for taking immediate action:

1. Reconciliation Report (Summary and Detailed) is invariably provided to the Post Office concerned by DMCC Chennai, at the time of migration to CBS. The Circle/Region/Division should analyse the summary Reconciliation Report with the last back up taken by the Post Office from Sanchay Post, by forming special team to find out discrepancy, if any, in the migrated data (on CBS) and the data being used by the Post Office before migration. Some of the Circles I Regions I Divisions are already doing this exercise and keeping soft copy of data (of all post offices migrated) with them. This needs to be done for each post office migrated and serious discrepancy should be reported immediately for necessary correction. In no case, incorrect data should be allowed to be migrated to Finacle (CBS) and then left undetected.

2. The above exercise needs to be conducted in all the Post Offices and thoroughly in case of Single and Double Handed offices before and during the migration, as these offices are more vulnerable and chances of data discrepancy are higher.

3. Migration of large number of single handed offices has happened in the recent past and is happening in the 2"d phase. As per the feedback there is urgent need to constitute a group of officials who can provide hand hold support to Single Hand Post Offices for smooth migration and as well as for post migration activities.

4. SBCO should check all the transactions happening in Finacle on day to day basis. If there is shortage of staff in SBCO, necessary support may be provided from the operative staff as circulated vide SB order No. 14, 2015. Any serious discrepancy, if noticed by SBCO should be taken cognizance of by Circles and acted upon immediately.

5. Solution for monitoring of transactions for the purpose of provision under AML and CFT has been developed and is being implemented by the end of March 2016, for which DDG (PCO/PMLA) is taking necessary action for providing training I access to the Circles. Through this solution, identified staff {preferably from Investigation Branch) may access various alerts generated by the AML system which will help in analysing various kinds of transactions happening after migration of Post Offices to CBS.

6. It is once again reiterated that all measures must be employed to ensure correctness of data migrated, as Circles will have to certify the same.

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