Friday, March 11, 2016

Migration of 10 offices in Phulbani Division.

Migration of ten SOs (As mentioned below) have increased the number of CBS post offices in Phulbani Division to 33. Now only 10 offices in Phulbani Division are left out for migration to CBS. Out of which 9 are due to non availability of NSP1.
Name of SOs migrated to CBS on 11.03.2016:-

1. Bamunigaon SO
2. Chakapada SO
3. Kalinga SO
4. Kurtamgarh SO
5. Kothagarh SO
6. Linepada SO
7. Nuagaon SO
8. Phulbani Bazar SO
9. Sarangada SO
10. Tumudibandha SO

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