Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Resolutions passed in the Executive Body and Working Committe meeting held on 28.03.2016 at PRC, Phulbani.


            The Superintendent of Post Offices
Phulbani Division
Phulbani-762 001

No- PHI/AIPEU-Gr-C dated at Phulbani the 29th March 2016.

On 28th March 2016 an Executive Body & Working Committee Meeting of the AIPEU Gr-C, Phulbani divisional branch held at PRC, Phulbani. During the discussion we found out the following problems which are coming in the day to day operations in finacle.

1.                  Proper infrastructure like Laser printers, Passbook Printers, UPS, Genset etc.

2.                  Link Problem should not be at all. And where NSP-2 is not available or not working they should be provided with NSP-2 with the half speed of that of the NSP-1. But in all offices where NSP-2 is provided they are only in paper. Their speed is as slow as 1/10th of NSP-1. And where there is no NSP-2, V-SAT provision should be made there.

3.                  Maker-Checker concept is not followed strictly. As now the single handed offices are being provided with both the Teller and Supervisor ID and pressurized to work. And in double handed offices also PA s are sent on deputation for long time. This should be avoided. Also action must be taken to return the PAs of the double handed offices.

4.                  The Citizen charter must be changed. As the times allotted there in the citizen charter were that of the Sanchaypost but in finacle it takes much more time to perform the same work.

5.                  CSAC concept must be removed. As in McCamish no CSAC is required Infosys may be instructed to make such provisions in finacle also.

6.                  CRESET menu should be provided to User Champions. So that the work load of CPC as well as the SPMs will become easier.

7.                  UCP sanction by the divisional administration must be expedited to adjust the balances of default CBS migrated accounts.

8.                  Habit of disabling the menus should be stopped permanently. By disabling menus like HPBP, HDRP the passbook printing and certificate printing are not being done which results in high customer dissatisfaction.

9.                  Undue pressure to staffs by pressurizing the BO staffs to achieve the targets. As the number of accounts are increased by splitting higher denomination into lower denomination, Which also violates directorate’s order no-116-26/2015-SB dated 19.08.2015.

10.              Public are threatening and scolding staffs vigoursly due to finacle problem and link problems so Safety and Security of working staffs must be arranged.

11.              Non functional of WTC, Phulbani. The same may be brought to functional condition by appointing a trainer also the same must be used as helpdesk for CBS and CIS.

12.              A notice must be given to the agents by the administration that they should not wander in the office campus after the time allotted to them is over.

13.              Reshuffling staffs in the transfer chain must be done properly. Senior staffs should be posted as SPMs.

Also it was decided in the meeting that the following resolutions will come into effect from 04th April 2016, if the problems mentioned above are not solved by the 04th April 2016.

  1. To leave office within ½ hr to 1 hr after working hours irrespective of the blocking validations. Until the following problems are not solved.

  1. We will stop working immediately if any type of harassment to any staff happens.

  1. If agents do wander in the office campus after the time allotted to them is over then on next day their work will not be accepted.

                                          Rabinarayan Choudhury
Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C
Phulbani divisional branch
Phulbani (O) - 762001
Copy to-
1.      The General Secretary, AIPEU Gr C, CHQ, New Delhi-110008
2.      The Circle Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C, Odisha, Bhubaneswar-751007
3.      All office bearers & members of AIPEU-Gr C, Phulbani -762001
4.       The Hon’ble MOC & IT, GOI, New Delhi-110001 for favour of kind information.
5.      The CPMG, Odisha, Bhubaneswar-751001 for favour of kind information.
6.      The PMG, Berhampur-760001 for favour of kind information.
7.        The CBS CPC, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751007 for favour of kind information.

Rabinarayan Choudhury
Secretary, AIPEU-Gr C
Phulbani divisional branch

Phulbani (O) - 762001

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